Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision making, and translation between languages (Oxford Dictionary). Machines that uses artificial intelliegence and does jobs that are hard for us cost a lot to build and buy them. If we done surgeries now, we are experiencing with computers that have data of our parts of our body. Bill Gates, Elon Musk , and Stephen Hawking are worried about Artificial Intelligence. Alan Turing is the one who cracked the enigma code that was used by the German armed forces. He is the father of artificial intelligence. He has made his own machine called the "The Turing Test", made by him in 1950. In the machine is a test of a machine's ability to us intelligent behavior equivalent to a human.The reality is that no AI has been able to pass it since it was introduced. Alan Turing proposed that a human evaluates would judge natural language conversations between a human and a machine designed to generate human like resources. Joseph Weizenbaum created Eliza, and is a natural language processing computer program created from 1964 to 1966 to demonstrate the superficially of communication between man and machine. Marvin Lee Minsky is a American cognitive scientist who is concerned about artificial intelligence. He is a winner of the "Turing Prize". There is Expert Systems in Artificial Intelligence. An Expert System is a computer program that emulates the decision making ability of a human expert. Expert Systems were the first truly successful forms of Artificial Intelligence software.

Friday, November 23, 2018

This document starts out with high school classmates, ten years out, they propose to start an Internet company that will help citizens deal with local governments. They call it "”. The website will enable people to go online to register their motor vehicles, pay parking tickets, and do all the other nasty little things governments require of them. Kaleil Isaza Tuzman and Tom Herman are the "couple" of this movie: business partners who go through all the storm and dangers of a married couple during the life of their company. In May 1999, the govWorks company has 8 employerss. The leaders from Govworks went to other places to share their plan and one of the places were Heart news media center. The members in the business all have to agree on the same message or topic from their plan to the capitals. I think the leaders from Govworks talked to was Highland Capital Partners. One of the members were Bob Higgins. After the their conversation they agreed to pay govworks money. While Kaleil's gets home from work, he has problems with his fiance and later he is with another woman that he was interested. Kaleil had 2 girlfriends and was cheating with his first girlfriend Dova. Kaleil company was doing well that he met president Bill Clinton. On October 30, the company gained 70 employees, next April the company gained 200 employees, and on may they gained 233 employees. After Tom left Govworks from being fired or kicked from Kaleil and the members, the company went down and out of money. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Dot Com to Dot Bomb Blog

In 1992, Prodigy had 1.1 million users and was owned by Sears and IBM. CompuServ had 1 million users and was owned by H&R Block. Genie had 200,000 users and was owned by General Electric. AOL had 150,000 users and Dephi has 100,000. During the internet in 1993, Microsoft owns CompuServ and Spry Inc. owns the Air Series. The Second Internation world Wide Web Conference was happening. In 1995, Bruce Jacobson and Rob Glaser visit Cole and Weber and launched RealAudio. The NFL was on the Web and made "The chat before the spat" and FreeZone was launched and were funded by SPRY and EDS. Freezone had 450,000 registers users during it's peak. In 1996, Spry, Inc was bought by CompuServ and Freezone was bought by Thomson Target Media. StarWave launched s Super Bowl Website, and companies like Yahoo!,, and USWeb came on the web. In 1998, AOL buys CompuServ, InfoSpace goes public, and Burn Rate is Written. During the Dotcom Boom InfoSpace was worth more than Boeing. In 1999, Yahoo acquires for 5.7 billion dollars, Luminant Worldwide does an eight company simultaneous roll up IPO, and the Internet Bubble is published. In 2000, advertisement dominates the Superbowl, Loudeye Technoligies IPO comes in, and Marchfirst and goes bust. The Stock Market goes down. In 2001, Exodus Communications declares bankruptcy, goes bust, FreeZone closes it's virtual doors, Luminant Worldwide declares bankruptcy, and a whole lot of other companies go bust. Martin Tobias was out at LoudEye.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

A Visit from Erik Hanberg

I like the presentation from Eric, it surprised me that he was an author of more than 8 books. I like how he explains the process of selling books in to the market, advertising, and making money out of those sales. I been reading books and I was curious and want to know how does an author sell their books and how much do they make. I never known the process of how an author sell his books through the web and public. He makes 50,000 dollars out of those 8 books and to me that was impressive but it was a long process Eric said. He most likely doesn't make copies of his books before puts them on sale on the web. Whenever a consumer buys a book from him on the web, he would print them after they bought the book. I think he read the thousand true fans book that help him sold his books and pursue his dream as an author and writer I think before he was a writer, he has worked in three non-profit organizations and his wife is a graphic designer. After he worked in 3 non-profit organizations, he pursue his dream to be an author and writer. He also talked about podcasts and the history of it in Tacoma. He said around 2005 to 2006 is when podcasts came in. In Tacoma, we didn't had a podcast network like Seattle did, so we made one called "Channel 253". I think it had 9 different channels and some of them had the same host.

Monday, October 29, 2018

The Topic For My Presentation

I might tell how present and future A.I. can affect our living. A lot of people don't know the problems about A.I. or they just don't care about it. I can list the pros and cons of A.I.. They can function without stopping, do repetitive and time-consuming tasks, lack emotional side, do laborious tasks, explore space, accurate, fraud detection, and manage records. It is good that they lack emotions so they won't get hurt from humans. They would probably change their actions and kill us. Probably if they didn't lack emotions they can feel and relate to people's emotions and could be a friend to the people who need them. We can program them to not kill and do wrong actions. While they are doing labor they can reduce jobs for us. Bad things I think about them is they are expensive to fix them, they could use our abilities and make us useless, humans being dependent on machines and could lead to destruction. They are reducing jobs for us but they usually take over jobs that we don't want. They are expensive to build and buy them. I would throw examples where we use A.I. in our daily life, it is in cars, phones, video games, security surveillance, music and movie recommendations on devices, Virtual personal assistant like Alexa and Siri. A.I. is everywhere and we all experience with A.I. before. If we done surgeries now, we are experiencing with computers that have data of our parts of our body.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Where is Journalism Going

As years come by journalists need to change during this era of technology. Instead of thinking of themselves as only print journalists or broadcast journalists, they need to think of themselves as journalists, period. They must be able to report the news in publication, online or in front of a microphone. More online networks are increasing around the world, online news would be more common than TV news. The media isn't the only thing changing. The world of work is changing. More and more, people are becoming multi-skilled workers. They are having to manage lots of projects and priorities and develop new skills all the time. A journalist's most important tool is not a notepad, tape recorder, digital camcorder, computer or even the ability to write a story and those were the old journalists back then. A journalist's most important tool is her brain. They need to question, know what happened, who does it affect, and why is this important? Critical thinking precedes good writing. So, future journalists need to learn how to think. They also need to learn how to learn. Online publications of news are taking over and easy to find on the web than waiting for the news on TV. Back then Journalism were most common when the online news wasn't popular. Good storytelling in an online article was easy for web users. Journalists who work on those things will receive more recognition. Journalism is facing challenges of rapidly changing the way product is consumed. Journalism in the digital world is good how you can update and change the news.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

HTML exercise experience. Making a Website.

I thought I wasn't going to do it right. When I took my time reading the steps and look at the page source from google, I had little of an idea where is this going. I was confused how to get to the page source from google and I thought it would be at the top right corner and hopefully was in the three dots. Took me 5 minutes just to find the page source from google by right clicking on my mouse and it was there. Now there is a giant page of code and I was relieved. After looking at the page source, I think it is obvious that every website starts with an <html> on the top of the page and ends </html> on the end of the page. After I added .html on save as page on my file name, it turned into a google or browser launch website. I was so amazed when it included all the codes I put on the notepad. The heading didn't need the <title> and </title> and was surprised it was on my website. I really like the marques code that makes my text moves across the website. I wonder if people use <br> code to separate their paragraphs when they write on their website. I wasn't sure about the image code and was optional, so I didn't use it. I was happy there was no errors on my website and it looked exactly how I wanted it to be.

This is what I put in my notepad.
See where Im heading
<br> <br>

<body style="background-color:yellow">yo wassup my fellow classmates</body>
<br> <br> <br> <br>
<br> <br>